What should I do? What do I need to know?

The public utility wants me to sign a Right of Way agreement to let them put a sewer line down the backside of my property in West Virginia. I own one acre of land with a trailer on it. The land that they want to use is a dry creek bed that borders the back edge of my property. They want a 40' temporary easement to lay the sewer line, then a 20' permanent easement for 279' of my land.

They are offering me a free hookup, valued at $250. So it seems to me that I should expect something more than $250 but I don't have any idea of what I should ask for.

What kinds of things should I be aware of? What's this going to do to my property value? Is there a law that says they can just do it anyway if I don't agree?

Help please! I don't know what to do.