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    Default Liens on a Car

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Oregon
    I recently had to voluntarily give my car back to the debtor due to job loss.
    My main question is:
    If I buy a cheap car or truck with cash and have title in hand can that debtor put a lien on that car or truck and sell it to pay off my debt with my old car company?
    Leaving me with no car and still in debt to the debtor.

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    Default Re: Liens on a Car

    If they get a judgment against you, jump through a bunch of hurdles, and the value of your car exceeds the state exemption for collections to the extent that they could actually recover money if they seized and sold it? Sure. But you have to ask, what are the odds.

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    Default Re: Liens on a Car

    Thanks for the reply. I am sure not to many people know that some debt collectors will take this route. But from what I have read so far: They can take your vehicle that you own unless its worth less than $1700 in the state of Oregon. Im sure it will take some time and I'll try to arrange pymnts with my old car comp. I don't think that it should be legal to take your only mode of transportation to pay off a debt.

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