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    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Virginia.

    I had previously requested that my home phone number (unpublished, unlisted, limited use line) and my address not be given out to my coworkers, only to supervisor/management staff. I had some problems getting this enforced, the first time I had to take this to HR, it involved my now current manager.

    Just today, I received 2 messages on my home answering machine for a daily status report from a coworker. We received a copy of the management/employee structure just last week, and we are on the same level. Management already knew that I had a dentist appt. today. All the information I had is at work, and not at home, so I'd have no way to give this report. In addition, another person in my position in our "sister" group was able to give the status report the next day, without a problem. Any work done past a certain time is put on the next day's status report.

    Do I have any recourse? Should I leave the company, is it possible to request in writing that they verify that my personal information be destroyed except for HR?

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    You'd leave the company for THAT? In this economy?

    You can "request" anything you want to. The legal fact is that, except for certain medical information, the employer can release personal information to any employees it wishes to. Not good management style or good for employee morale, but not illegal.

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    Agree, you have little privacy in the workplace in regard to your personal information.

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    An employer has no right to give out personal information that does not concern a business nature. Whether this amounts to a tort of Invasion of privacy is a fact specific case. IOW, if a person continued to call you after you tell them to stop, your privacy has been invaded and the employer could be liable as a third party agent.

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    I'm not sure why my quote "Should I leave the company, is it possible to request in writing that they verify that my personal information be destroyed except for HR?" would lead someone to believe that I would leave the company for that reason. The question was simply, if the company and I part ways, what recourse would I have then, for only requesting HR contact me and that my information which had been given out to other employees would be destroyed and I not be contacted by them.

    This is not a problem with other employees. I am the only one treated this way.

    I have requested in writing not to have my information given out, and it was.

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