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    Default How to File a Small Claims Against Your Insurance Agency

    I got into an accident in march of 2008 in my state of FL. Between my medical insurance and auto insurance most of my medical bills were paid off except the ambulance bill of $526.00 The ambulance sent me a claim form and I filled with out with my insurance providers information. I still continued to receive bills from them. So, I called the insurance agency 21st Century.. AIG and they told me they covered that bill. I stopped receiving bills from the ambulance company until once day I get a collections notice from them. Now this bill is put in collections but my insurance company has no proof they made a payment just verbal communication with my adjuster over the phone. I want to know if I can take them to small claims court for failure to pay even though my policy covered it and the fact that my credit has been screwed with?

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    Default Re: How to File a Small Claims Against Your Insurance Agency

    If the insurance company paid the bill, they WILL have paperwork to prove that they did. Call them and strongly request that they provide the proof to you. Insurance companies do not pay in cash. There has to be either a check or documentation of a wire transfer. If whoever you are speaking to will only give you "verbal communication" that they've paid the bill, go up the chain in the company.

    You, of course, can sue anyone you want to including an insurance company. One of the problems with a lawsuit is that there is no guarantee that you'll win. I'd only go that route if you have truly exhausted pursuing it within the insurance company.

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    Default Re: How to File a Small Claims Against Your Insurance Agency

    Is the 21st Century again? They have not paid for my car damages for more than one year. You can file a complaint with your state insurance of department. This is really a terrible insurance company.

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