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    Default Sex Offender Around Children

    Okay my mother just moved back to oklahoma and she has not yet registered as a sex offender, my father got mad when he found out that she came to see me at my apartment....
    My mom's case was 7years ago and she registered here once and she was considered not to be a threat.....
    Ok i'm pregnant and my father said that he would call DHS on me if I had my mom around me...
    What would he call DHS for???
    If my mom gets registered is she okay to be around me??

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    Default Re: Sex Offender

    We know absolutely nothing about your mother's case, or whether it's appropriate for her to be around children. Presumably your father is threatening to call DHS because he believes it is not safe.

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    Default Re: Sex Offender

    Quote Quoting Mr. Knowitall
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    We know absolutely nothing about your mother's case, or whether it's appropriate for her to be around children. Presumably your father is threatening to call DHS because he believes it is not safe.
    As this OP is just a child herself, this situation is too convoluted for this forum to advise upon.

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    Default Re: Sex Offender Around Children

    what was your mother charged with?

    if you need free legal advice in Oklahoma, let me know, there is a great legal-aid service that does pro-bono (free) work for the underprivileged and disadvantaged (you) and they might be able to help you or at least answer some questions for you.

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    Default Re: Sex Offender Around Children

    If your Mother is still on probation, there will probably be a provision that she is not allowed to be around children without supervision. You have to take a class given by the Dept of Corrections or her Sex Offender therapist if she has one, that will the allow her to be around a child with you as a supervisor.

    If she is not on probation, simple registry on the Sex Offender registry in your city/county is not a bar to her visiting you unless, you were her victim, there is a restraining order put in place by a judge barring her from contacting you, or you live with your father and he has a no contact order barring her from contacting him and his family. If this last one is it, a judge can release you from the provisions providing you are not still a minor. But that will not allow her to visit in your fathers home.

    Check with her probation officer if she has one, or the county/city Sex Offender registration officer for any known limitations to her being around children.

    As I said before, if she is not on probation, past court restrictions no longer apply except those as noted above. It is routine for some judges to put no contact orders in Sex Offense cases which can last for ten years or more.

    As a minor, your best best is to file for emancipation citing the reasons you listed in your other thread. You are self supporting and do not live with your parents and have not recieded there for more than 6 months. Contact the court in your county and file. Your county legal aid workers can help you. The it will be up to you where you live, and who can visit. All the above will still apply except the Father part when you become emancipated. And you do not have to own real estate to do this.

    Section 91 - Procedure to Confer Rights of Majority - Petition - Jurisdiction and Venue - Decree.

    The district courts shall have authority to confer upon minors the rights of majority concerning contracts, and to authorize and empower any person, under the age of eighteen (18) years, to transact business in general, or any business specified, with the same effect as if such act or thing were done by a person above that age; and every act done by a person so authorized shall have the same force and effect in law as if done by persons at the age of majority.

    Section 92 - Procedure to Confer Rights of Majority-Decree

    Any minor desiring to obtain the rights of majority for the purpose named in Section 91 of this title may, by his next friend, file a verified petition in the district court of the county in which such minor shall reside, or, if the minor is a nonresident of the State of Oklahoma, said verified petition shall be filed in the county in Oklahoma where said minor owns real estate, setting forth the age of the minor petitioner and that said petitioner is then and has been a bona fide resident of such county for at least one (1) year next before the filing of the petition, or that said minor is a nonresident owning property within the State of Oklahoma, and the cause for which the petitioner seeks to obtain the rights of majority. The petition should state whether or not the parents of the minor are living, and if living, their names and addresses; whether or not a guardian has been appointed for the minor and, if a guardian has been appointed, the guardian's name and address; who has legal custody of the minor and, if the person having legal custody is not a parent or the guardian, the name and address of the person who has custody. And the district court being satisfied that the said petitioner is a person of sound mind and able to transact his affairs, and that the interests of the petitioner will be thereby promoted, may, in its discretion, order and decree that the petitioner be empowered to exercise the rights of majority for all purposes mentioned in this act.

    Section 93 - Notice of Hearing-Certified Mail and by Publication in Newspaper

    When the petition mentioned in 10 O.S. 1971 Section 92 , is filed the court shall fix a day for the hearing thereof, which day shall be not less than fifteen (15) nor more than thirty (30) days from the date of the filing of the petition. Notice of the hearing of the petition shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, delivery restricted to addressee only, to the parents of the minor, if living, to the guardian of the minor, if one has been appointed, or to the person who has custody of the minor if such person is other than parent or guardian of the minor, and if both of the minor's parents are dead, the court may order that notice be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, delivery restricted to addressee only, to other relatives of the minor; provided, however, that no notice shall be sent to a person who endorses on the petition that notice of the day of the hearing is waived. Notice of the hearing shall be given by publication in some newspaper printed in the county where such petition is filed, and if there be none, then in some legal newspaper having a general circulation in the county one time, at least ten (10) days prior to the day set for the hearing of the said petition. Before the court may enter an order conferring majority rights in the hearing provided for herein, proof must be presented to the court at said hearing that notice was given to all persons entitled thereto as provided herein.

    Section 94 - Costs of the Proceedings.

    The costs of the proceedings under this Article shall be paid by the minor petitioner.

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