Thank you for the information.I will check into the HIPAA laws and patient privacy laws for Missouri. I would think that the violation of those laws by a health care professional would be working below the standard of care.I wish I could speak to the attorney who has my records myself.I went to an attorney who sent my records to another attorney,so my communication is through the first attorney,and it's mainly the first attorney's paralegal secretary.He has had my records for six months last Friday was the first time I heard of him consulting with an expert dentist.The expert dentist said my teeth problely could have been saved.I know that when it comes to a jury I need more then problely.I just wish this oral surgean would have took me back to the examining room and talked to me.I really miss not having my teeth.I wish he would have took the time to consult with the doctor that was over my transplant,and asked him if this was really nessesary.My transplant doctor was very surprised by this.My new oncoligist was the one who set me up with the oral surgaen instead of a general dentist.Thanks again your expert advice and oppinion are of great help.