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    Default Lawyer won't commit to taking a case

    I have been working through a lawyers office,in otherwards they have sent my medical records to another attorney they know.
    I keep calling my first attorney to see if they have heard from the attorney they are working with.They seem to be gitting a run around from him.He has had my records for six months now and he still hasn't said yes he will take my case or no.The clock is ticking for me my statues is gitting closer.There is always some reason he hasn't looked at my case and theres always going to be an answer next week,that never comes.I got a copy of a letter that my first attorney sent to him the week before last and it said that we need to hear somthing that week,time was running out,and still nothing.I have been very patient but even that is runny out.What should I do?I afraid he will notify them closer to my deadline and say he can't take it.If I havn't actually obtained him as an attorney yet then that wouldn't be a case of legal mal would it? I'm not crazy about having to go that route but I don't no what else to do.This is gitting very frustrating. Thanks a lot.

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    If a lawyer stalls on the decision to take a case to the last minute, then declines without giving the client sufficient time to find a different firm, or stalls past the date the statute of limitations runs, there is a potential malpractice action against the firm. As you are aware of the problem, you may wish to consider having your case reviewed by a different law firm.

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    Default Lawyer won't commit to taking a case:

    Thank you Mr. Knowitall. I will and find a different attorney.

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