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    Default Can My Ex Boyfriend Sue Me for Money when I Supported Him

    I have lived with my now exboyfriend for almost 10 years. During the relationship I have always had a job and he has on and off again had various jobs. I started investing in real estate and he would fix the properties up and either I would rent them out or flip them. Money came and went and I never paid him outright for the work besides the fact that he had room and board, and I supported his drinking and gambling addiction. I have also provided him health insurance under a domestic partnership. He did win 25000 off gambling last year and he bought a property, I made him sell it cause we needed money. In the meantime we have jointly shared a checking account and I have my own savings account that I contribute to from each paycheck and usually my tax returns. He will not move out of the house and wants me to buy him a house with my savings which I said I would do because the other option was that he would take me to court for common law marriage and try to get support. I have looked up the common law marriage and I have never pronounced myself to others as husband and wife and when anyone assumed I always corrected them to be sure and cover myself. He thinks that he should get money from the past properties that were flipped and there were no contracts involved. What can I legally do to get him out of my house and does he have a case in trying to sue me?

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    Default Re: Can My Ex Boyfriend Sue Me for Money when I Supported Him

    Laws vary by state.

    We can't help you if we don't know where you are.
    I'm not a lawyer, but I play a researcher on the internet!
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    Default Re: Can My Ex Boyfriend Sue Me for Money when I Supported Him

    I'm in the state of KS

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