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    Default Denied Unemployment Insurance for Voluntary Quit

    san diego ca HELLO my name is Dan heres my history i have worked for this bed store since nov 07. 1st store (a) i worked was 15 mi. from my home. I took an opportunity to work at another store (b) 3 mi. from my home. This was great since I dont have a ca dl's when i worked at store a to begin with. The majority of the time my friend would take me as he worked in the same location doing construction i worked in the mall. I know I shouldnt have been driving but i have to make a living and at the time this was my only and quickest way to make some money. And yes I did get caught eventually and have the ticket to prove it(Iam letting you know incase you think I should tell edd if it would help me prove my good cause for leaving store (c) which was 35 mi.s one way). So i continued to work at store (B) until it got closed down I had the opportunity to get laid off or transfer back to store (a) which i did who wants to be on ui not me. I continued to work at store (b) until they got closed down 3 months later again i was offered to get laid off or transfer yet again and to a even further away store store (c) I volunteered and didnt wait to get asked again I Am not happy about recieveing govt help and i have neverasked for ui in all my 33 years of living and 18 years of working. I was happy working at store (c) for about a month and a half when my head gasket on a 92 lexus ls400 with 270000 plus miles on it decided to break down on my way to work.
    This is where things get ugly I called the store to notify my new mgr that my car broke down and I am on the side of the freeway 4 times no answer on the store phone thats funny. Then left message on his personal cell ph. he said he never got it. Then I called the store 2 more times no answer still. My cell died after that and I couldnt call anymore. Next day I come in hes yelling saying i have no respect for the job and i should leave. I toldem i called several times and even left you a message to which he responds liar( i have proof cell records). So i informed him that i will now be taking public transpartation and asking friends for rides when i can until i fix my car which was gonna cost me bout 2 grand. He said if i cant commit to a full time schedule that i would be better suited somewhere else. Thats when i suggested a part time postion for me or am shifts since the busses dont run to late or even a leave of absence in the worst case scareno. All to which he said no and if i have a problem to call the d.m. I did right then and there told the d.m. that mgr was yelling at me, slamming a notebook a ft from my face, and walking around me like he was gonna sucker punch me or something i am not one who gets easily scared at 5 10 250 lbs but this is 6 3 300 lbs who played hockey till college. I am Not trying to get into a physical confrontation with this guy so i sit down at the point of sales desk and he slams the notebook saying he cant have mess up the flow of the team by then he corners me in between the wall and him and said he sending me home so that i can think of how i gonna get to work because he wants a verball commitment and hes giving me a write up for not calling in. D.m. said he was gonna talk with mgr later.
    Long story short he writes me up again saying i didnt close the store down properly. And tells me again that maybe i would be happy somewhere else. Then i get a coaching form because my performance hasnt been up to par. And again he says I should think real had before coming in tomorrow. Before my issue with my car i had never been writen up and never told my performance is not good enough my last evalution said ( I put forth more effort than the numbers show and that I have exceled in improving my sales technique and that my previous mgr was now training me to learn her job).
    Now granted their was sometimes where i called in to let my coworkers know i was running late or that i sometimes had to leave early to catch a ride or the bus late night. I have proof where i emailed the district manger asking him what happened with the conversation with my str mgr. Showing that i made the effort to continue my employment by volunteering for part time or am shifts or even a leave of absence all to which i never got a reply.
    The last day i worked (sat) i came in told mgr that I would be late on sunday because of busses running schedule (it is a 2 and a half hrs to get to work and home using the public transportation). He said again "If you cant commit to the full time schedule and cant show up on time tomorrow dont bother coming in. Toldem i am doing my best between the bus and friends but there is some shifts iam gonna need help on. Well i need a verball commitment from you. I didnt know what to say and the next day I wrote this as my resignation letter (Since i cannot commit to your fulltime shcedule i guess i resign. dan maes). Then i threw it in the trash gave my key to the neighbor and decided that it would be best to call HR and explain the separation. Because this was a situation created by the str mgr who could have remedied the situation and chose not to. I called the next day and HR said that I quit they have the note.
    Ed from edd was my phone interviewer he was rude he would ask me a question and before i could answer he would cut me off and say i just want to know about the last day and if i had wrote the letter. I said yes and i threw it away in the trash cuz i wanted to call HR myself and explain.
    So now i rec'd the decision letter in which it states i am diqualified for volunteer quit with no good cause.
    So now my question is how shuld i answer and what codes can i cite for my response. I belive i have goood cause because
    1 Mgr was obviusly working on getting me fired 2 write ups and a coaching form in 2 and half weeks before that nothing from no one no where ive worked for them for 20 mo.s.( 1st write up for not calling in i have cell records showin I call a total of seven times).
    2 Documented email proof that i spoke with mgr and district mgr asking about me going part time, am shifts, and leave of absence.
    3 transfering several times to a further location each time to continue my employment even though i didnt have a d L

    i was denied ui for voluteer quit how do i answer that

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    Default Re: Denied Unemployment Insurance for Voluntary Quit

    You post is WAY too long to get many, if any, responses. That plus no paragraphs and white space makes it nearly impossible to read. My eyes went buggy after the first three lines of that huge block o' text.

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    Default Re: Denied Unemployment Insurance for Voluntary Quit

    sorry over zealous and stressed out

    Long story short transfered to third store after first two stores got closed down. Third store was alot farther than others car broke down. Time issues arose bcuz of public transportation schedules and a one way trip consisting of 2.5 hrs. Mgr wouldnt bend any on schedule and said if you cant commit to a full time schedule you should seriiuly think about coming back. I have proof in a sent email to district mgr that i spoke with him a week ago informing him of the situation and what was the outcome of the conversation he had with store mgr about my schedule change.NOTHING no reply.
    Second to last day told boss cuz of bus scheduleing iam gonna be an hour late he said dont bother coming if you cant be here on time. And i couldnt find a personal ride to get me there on time. I thought i would ve been fired if i came in late so i didnt and called hr the next day to inform of situation.
    Got appeal letter for volunteer quit how do i answer this. Specific codes to cite .

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