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    Default Copyrighting Multiple Ideas

    Just had some quick copyright questions.

    Some partners and I have been working on some ideas for videos/films. Total, we have over 50 unique and independent ideas and we now wish to continue to the next phase of pre-production for many of these ideas, but we first agreed that it would be best to protect them. I know that an 'idea' can not be copyrighted, but for every one of our ideas we've typed comprehensive summaries, concepts, and other things. My questions is; Do we need to file a copyright for each idea or can we make a file containing all the associated files for all the videos?

    If we are required to file them separately; could we design them into being a television series with shorts as the episodes, so that we could file them all together? Then down the road we might "decide to produce them independently" but still have the copyright to all the video concepts.

    Second main question is this:
    We have another idea for a video, and even have the scripts, storyboards, and other elements completed BUT this idea revolves around a specific brand. We'll say the board-game scrabble. Obviously we would need to work something out with the Scrabble people (Hasbro), but our worry is that upon pitching this idea to them, they turn around and do the video themselves. That is what we want to prevent. Lets say for example we wanted to make a video that shows people how to play scrabble. We would list all the benefits, advantages, and possibilities of having video instructions then present it to Hasbro in order to get permission to make the videos or even team up with them to create the videos. What we DON'T want is for them to hear all our reasons for making a video and say "Hey that's a great idea, but were going to do it ourselves. Thaaaanks." What can be done?

    I realize the idea of making video instructions is simple and generic but is there a way to prove the concept was ours and that the company would have otherwise never thought to create a video?

    Would it perhaps be better to take a risk and finance the video another way, complete it, then try to sell it to them or get permission to sell it?

    P.S. I understand there is a lot of elements that come into play when selling stuff and marketing and all the other odds and ends of my questions (5), but my only questions for now are the copyright ones.

    Any help is appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Copyrighting Multiple Ideas

    There are lots of books and compilations that are copyrighted a single time. You and your friends can figure out if that will work for you. Formally registering a copyright isn't particularly expensive.

    You can't copyright an idea. Only the expression of your ideas.

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