i think i should of post this here ignore other question.

i think i have it thougher than most you guys even tho my stepdad says my situation is not that bad, but im tired of listening to him sayin hes gonna fix my status, im gonna get up on my ass and start studying some laws but i really need guide.
im 19 years old now, my stepdad has a SSN and hes a disabled veteran, he has a paper stating he has been with my mom since i was 10, and they got married according to Nevada laws with my mom when i was 16, but me and her never changed last names because we are not citizens, my mom visits under a tourist visa once in a while.
right now i have a R BBBCV visa which i think its a mix of a bussiness/tourist/bordercross regular visa but im only given 6 months like a regular tourist.
i never worked here only do college, therefore im economically dependant on my stepdad. He pays my taxes as a "non-resident alien dependant on a US citizen"
so he filled W-7 and we got a ITIN, i know i cant work and i think about gettin a license but i dont know if they will take my type of visa.
I also heard i could a letter saying i have been denied a SSN but im worried because im studying to get an education as a scientist which is the only reason why im here, i really just wanna help make future better.
I dont know if im elegible for a SS, i suffer from fibromyalgia.
He tried adopting me in Mexico but they wont since im older than 19 regardless the date of marriage.
What would be the smartest move? I wanna be able to work in the future. I have a girlfriend thats a citizen so i dont wanna throw my cards out yet.
I need advice from people who know about these laws, Im really tired of my dad saying everything is gonna be fine and just makes me get older living without the ability to drive.
Id appretiate any feedback