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    Default Denied a Diversity Immigrant Visa After Marriage

    How do I appeal after being visa denial at a consular office?
    Below is my narrative.

    Dear all,
    Please Advise.
    I recently was a lucky winner of the 2009 diversity lottery visa from Uganda.
    I received my package in March and it was around the same time that me and my fiancÚ got married.

    Everything seemed to go as planned, I filed out our application package and in Jan, 7 2009 we're scheduled for an interview.
    We went for the medical screening which cost us a fortune and so forth.

    During the interview, everything seemed to go fine with the American consular as the information requested was legit. It was during our interview with the Kenyan interviewers who really grilled us you could think they were there to get us at all costs.
    They were very rude, treated us with suspicion and eventually separated us and interviewed us separately.

    Our application was denied reason given we married for immigration purposes.
    When I emailed the embassy here is there response.

    Dear Applicant:

    Thank you for your letter concerning the refusal of the Diversity Visa (DV). You were denied for failure to establish a bona-fide relationship.

    Unfortunately, failure to establish a bona-fide relationship is grounds for denial under U.S. Immigration law. At the time of interview, you and your spouse provided contradicting information to questions the interviewing counsel asked. You and your family are welcome to apply again for the DV program in the upcoming years as this denial will have no bearing on future determinations of eligibility.

    I understand the disappointment that you must feel, however all applicants applying for the Diversity Immigrant visa are advised that if they do not meet the eligibility requirements, they should not apply.

    I hope that the above information answered your questions regarding the denial of your Diversity Visa and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.


    Consular Section
    U.S. Embassy, Nairobi

    Can someone advise me what I can do because it seems I have hit a dead end.

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    Default Re: Denied a Diversity Immigrant Visa After Marriage

    Separate interviews are quite standard in cases where there's an attempt to bring a non-citizen spouse into the U.S., even when the sponsoring spouse is a citizen. When answers don't match up, it signals that there's something not quite right about the claim of a relationship and bona fide marriage.

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    Default Re: Denied a Diversity Immigrant Visa After Marriage

    Hello Migusha
    I also felt in the same situation as you and was interviewed by the consular in Nairobi on 22th September and 23th but the results was exactly the way they did you. I emailed them so that they can tell me exactly the reason for the denial and ended up in having the same letter they wrote to you. Would you please advice me on how you went through incase you ended up succeeding?

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