My question involves towing laws for the State of: California

My car got towed from a private condo complex, because I parked in a reserved space. It was purely an oversight on my part, however it appears the complex and towing company have the letter of the law on their side.

The towing company has had the car for over a week, with storage fees accruing at $80 a day. I now owe nearly $900 for towing and storage, which I cannot pay (out of work, etc). I've been told that after 30 days, it will be sold.

My question is this: The car is worth about $9000 blue book. If the towing and storage fees when they sell it total $2000, what happens to the other $7000 they make off the sale? Can I get that back, does it go to the towing company, or somewhere else?

Also, are there any public service agencies that can help me negotiate and get my car back? I've tried myself, but the towing company won't budge, and says they will continue to add $80 a day until it's either paid in full or sold in the lien sale.

Any information appreciated!!