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    Person A came here on j1 on 2007. Changed her status to b2(Expired 04/01/08), applied for extension again. Since then didn't receive anything. status on the website still says:" Application accepted on March 2008 and case is pending". But she changed her address(moved to different apt on the same street) and never informed USCIS. So she has no idea if visa was granted, denied or ..... Person A got married to USC(naturalized) And they are ready to file paperwork.
    Question:1 On I130 Q 16" HAs Ur relative been under immigration proceeding....? What should be the answer?
    Question 2. On I130 Q 14. "She arrived as?...." Should the answer be J1 student and she should put her J1 info(I-94) or her B2 approved until April?
    Thank You

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    She should consider belatedly following the law, and informing the USCIS of her present address.

    1. She should give a truthful answer. We don't know the answer

    2. You just told us she arrived on a J1 visa.

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