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    Unhappy J-1 Out of Status - How Can I Get My Status Back

    I entered in october 2008 with a j-1 visa(two year rule does not apply) in a flightschool
    I changed my school in march 2009
    The transfer of j-1 was not done yet
    I went to India in April 2009
    when i was in india, my new school told me to go to the us embassy and apply for M-1 as they could not issue j-1 ds-2019
    they were taking too long to issue me the i-20 when i was in india
    so i came back with my j-1 in june 2009
    there was no problem at the immigration in JFK newyork.
    they did not ask me any question
    after that i did nto go back to my school
    i did not notify them that i have entered in the us
    so they terminated me when they knew it after a month in july 2009
    so I was out of status in july 2009
    so what should i do now?
    I am ready to get any kind of visa tourist,f-1 whatever...
    my J-1 expires in september 2010
    on my i-94 the duration of stay is written as DS-2019
    and my ds-2019 expires in september 2010

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    Default Re: J-1 Out of Status - How Can I Get My Status Back

    I suggest going home and hoping that due to your D/S I-94 you won't have accrued any unlawful presence that will keep you from acquiring another visa. You're presently deportable and, at least as I'm interpreting your story, you appear to have committed fraud to enter the U.S. - if the USCIS figures that out, you can expect a lifetime bar.

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