I entered in october 2008 with a j-1 visa(two year rule does not apply) in a flightschool
I changed my school in march 2009
The transfer of j-1 was not done yet
I went to India in April 2009
when i was in india, my new school told me to go to the us embassy and apply for M-1 as they could not issue j-1 ds-2019
they were taking too long to issue me the i-20 when i was in india
so i came back with my j-1 in june 2009
there was no problem at the immigration in JFK newyork.
they did not ask me any question
after that i did nto go back to my school
i did not notify them that i have entered in the us
so they terminated me when they knew it after a month in july 2009
so I was out of status in july 2009
so what should i do now?
I am ready to get any kind of visa tourist,f-1 whatever...
my J-1 expires in september 2010
on my i-94 the duration of stay is written as DS-2019
and my ds-2019 expires in september 2010