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    Default Directive to Physicians on Behalf of a Minor


    I am filling out a legal form: "DIRECTIVE TO PHYSICIANS ON BEHALF OF A MINOR"

    1. I am married, do we need two forms, one each for me and my wife for our child, each with duplicate details?

    2. I assume the two witnesses cannot be blood or family, but do they have to be someone I know? Can I just use other people at the location where I obtain Notary services?

    3. Do I need to file the directive with some authority or office in Texas, or just keep in with my important papers?

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Directive to Physicians on Behalf of a Minor

    You're talking about the statutory form under the Texas Health and Safety Code, Sec. 166.033? I don't see why both parents can't join in executing a single form - for that matter, Sec. 166.035 refers to parents in the plural. I don't see any requirement that the document be filed with a government agency.

    It helps for witnesses to be people you know, in case there's a later question as to the authenticity of the signatures; but the notary may be able to provide witnesses - I suggest asking the notary in advance, rather than trying to rope people in at the last second. Note, notarization is not required. Sec. 166.036.

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    Default Re: Directive to Physicians on Behalf of a Minor

    Thanks for your input.

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