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    Default Refund Fraud

    I have a "friend" who has just been accussed of committing return fraud. He already admitted to committing the crime, but my question is: Is there anything he can do to get the charges dropped or anything that we should be looking for in this particular case to see if we cant get this case thrown out?
    Thank you for looking and if you have more questions i will gladly respond and tell you more information.


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    Default Refund Fraud Penalties

    Does anyone know what are the penalties and/or punishments for "refund fraud"?

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    Default Re: Refund Fraud Penalties

    Depends on the state.

    Where are you?

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    Default Re: Refund Fraud

    I don't know much - but your buddy is in BAD shape if he admitted it - any admission against interest can be used against you.

    I doubt he has a "way out" - he can't plead ignorance of the law

    I've actually gotten out of a few traffic tix by bringing my family along and stating the GOOD things I've done to be as best as I can be since the incident - this shows that you are SERIOUS about reforming whatever has gone wrong... I'm afraid that sometimes the honest, polite way out is the best when someone's done wrong and is now having to eat crow for a relatively minor offense. But THEFT - wow - good luck to this buddy 'o yors because s/he'll have it a hard time snagging any jobs in Retail.

    I've dealt with that stuff early in middle school - I will tell ANYone that I once stole when I was a kid and I paid a heavy price! It took me YEARS to earn back a solid honest reputation. I am very honest as a result of that early lesson!

    Good luck - and your "buddy" had best be able to hire a lawyer and do some things to ensure he's on the right track. I would also suggest seeing a counselor and getting this person to write out a plan 'o action that your friend can take to court AT A LAWYERS APPROVAL.

    When I defend myself, i go overboard, BUT - I have managed to work my way out of MANY situations by being a nice, polite, and positive person with the backing of several legal minds in my family (contracts, real estate & immigration, depositions, corporate/business, traffic/criminal, family divorce law) I'll be the first to say that I have a LOT to be thankful for

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