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    Default Car Company Ran My Credit Without Me Ever Giving Permission or Being in the Building

    My question involves a credit report problem in the State of:

    Long story short:

    Last year my mother needed a cosigner for her new car, it was either going to be me or my father. My mother did not think my father would cosign for her so I told her that I would. My mother was at the dealership filling out paperwork and I began to get ready so I could go over and cosign for her. As I was getting ready she calls me and tells me never mind because my father decided to cosign for her. I go back to bed and I never spoke to anyone at the dealership nor did I ever sign anything, give anyone my information or step foot in the dealership.

    This past month I ran my annual credit report and I see that my credit was run from that dealership so I get upset and I ask my mom what happened. My mother says that she did fill out paperwork with my information, my social and so on but she thought they never used it since I never actually made it to the dealership and since my father ended up going down to cosign with her.

    I never gave anyone permission to run my credit, neither did my mother, not that she should have been allowed to anyway.

    Is there anything I can do about this?

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    Default Re: Car Company Ran My Credit Without Me Ever Giving Permission or Being in the Build

    I suspect that they pushed the line, but outside of an employment context, a creditor or potential creditor can run your credit based upon your oral consent. Either you or your mother provided the car dealership with your name and Social Security number, and apparently you were in contact with her while she was at the dealership providing that information. Even if you did not say to the finance person, "I authorize a credit check", that authorization was arguably implied by your communications with your mother and her communications with the dealership.

    If you share a few more details, it may be more clear whether or not there was a FCRA violation.

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    Default Re: Car Company Ran My Credit Without Me Ever Giving Permission or Being in the Build

    No, there is NOTHING you can do.

    Obviously in the paperwork your mother filled out there was a consent to check the signer(s) credit reports.

    In any case, consider yourself lucky to NOT be the co-signer. Never ever co-sign a loan or lease. Especially not for a relative. The other two rules are never loan money to a relative or hire a relative.

    No good deed will go unpunished.

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    Default Re: Car Company Ran My Credit Without Me Ever Giving Permission or Being in the Build

    I had the same problem with a car dealership...

    Elmore Toyota in Orange County (CA) ran my report on 11/09. I found out when I checked my report last week (1/10). I went there once back in 2004 but I have not been there or called there since. It shows up on my report as a hard inquiry which lowers your credit score.

    I do not have the best credit score in the world but for the last 1 1/2 years I have been trying to better my credit so that I can get a loan for a house. But what Elmore did is not helping my situation.

    I read about the Fair Credit Reporting Act but I don't see how my issue applies. Can someone help?


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