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    My question involves criminal law for the state of: california

    i was recently involved in an altercation in a bar. a friend of mine got into a fight with 3 people in a bar and as i was trying to push my way through a crowd to help him i was immediatly stopped and thrown to the ground by 2 bouncers and held down flat on my back by my neck. i never threw any punches but 2 of the bouncers claimed i hit them in the head and face. i tried to explain that my knuckles had no damages to them and i never hit anyone but the police didnt like my attitude im sure and took me to jail and i was charged with misdemeanor battery 242 on person. i know i was resistant when the bouncers had me but i defenitelly never threw a punch. it is pretty much my word vs. theirs. i heard from friends there that they were talking about how i hit them after i was arrested too so i think they really believe i did hit them.after a night in jail i was released on O.R. and am scheduled to appear in court next week. do i need a lawyer? what is generally the outcome of a situation like this? should i bring witnesses with me to court who saw what happened? i have no previous arrests or criminal record of any kind. thank you

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    I would suggest being represented by a lawyer.

    If your record is clean, odds are you're looking at probation, fines, maybe community service, if you were intoxicated maybe AA.

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