Last year we bought a used car and a "Mechanical Protection Plan" together.
The seller told us that the contract was for 72 months (5 years) for $2400 but he didn't tell us it would start at the vehicle service date (07/2004) and not at the vehicle purchase date (11/2008).
Today, we called the dealer and they told us that it was correct and it was what we signed. So I read carefully the contract and yes... it's specified in the contract, very small and lost in the many paragraphs, but it's here.

My problem/question: the seller told us it was for the next 5 years. He recorded the sell of this contract on a tape. We have an appointment with the seller next week and of course we will ask to listen to the tape. But if I'm right, I mean if he lied or made a mistake. What can I get from them?

Thank you for your help