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    Default Liability of a Transit Van That Hit My Open Car Door

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: united kingdom
    i was putting my baby into the front passenger seat, she was already in her removable car seat, it was at night, the road was empty, my car door had been open a good while as the seat belt had twisted and i was making sure it was safe, then a transit van going at great speed hit my car door, smashing me between the door and the chassis, i have great bruising but no breaks luckily, my poor baby got covered in glass- so frightening! it took the van about 6 cars along to stop as they were going so fast. ive looked on traffic accident advice and they state that if a car door has been open a while on an empty road then the moving vehicle is at blame for driving without due care and attention. does anyone know of any cases to support my case? many thanks

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    Default Re: Transit Van Hit My Open Car Door, Previous Cases That Would Put Them at Fault

    As noted on the posting form, this is a US legal information forum.

    None of our regular responders are familiar with UK law. You might try here.

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