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    Default How to Sue a Police Department or Sheriff


    If I want to sue (civil action, false arrest, IOWA) a sheriff or a city police officer do I have to notify the county or city first, and if so, who exactly?

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    Default Re: Police/Sheriff: Who Gets Served

    If you want to sue a city, you file a claim with the city council. The county, with the county board. Governmental entities have soverign immunity and are exempt from civil suit. However, many states have allowed governmental entities to be sued up to a certain amount, typically 100k, which is usually covered by insurance.

    You need to read the law for Iowa if you are too poor to hire an attorney. I personally could care less about any law in Iowa.

    You will find it next to impossible to sue a police officer. First, you need a tort that applies. False arrest? Not a chance. Secondly, you need to overcome or defeat their qualified immunity and survive motions for summary judgment and other things. Half your money will go for that. Your case, odds wise, doesn't have a chance.

    No attorney is likely to take your case on contingency.

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    Default Re: How to Sue a Police Department or Sheriff

    This is the incident? How would that be a false arrest? (Have you been acquitted yet?) You're not going to win a case against the officer based upon the contention that the officer didn't do enough independent corroboration of the alleged victim's complaint against you.

    You can read Iowa's laws of governmental immunity at Iowa Statutes Chapter 670.

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