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    Default After Break Up, How Long to Pick Up Personal Property

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Texas.

    My niece and her boyfriend broke up several weeks ago. He is harassing her in every way he can find, calling CPS (she has two kids that are well looked after), reporting her truck stolen so she gets pulled over, reporting to police that SHE is harassing HIM.... he's a nutcase.

    He is homeless now since they had moved in with her mother. He left his belongings behind and is threatening police action if she doesn't care for his stuff. He told her and the police that he would be there yesterday to pick it up, but he later called that he couldn't get there. In the mean time, she had moved all of his things outside to the porch, which has no protection from the elements since she expected him to come and get it. He is now threatening to call the police if she doesn't move it back in (some of it is furniture which she had help moving). How long is she required to care for his things? Can she some how legally dispense of it? I thought she could post an ad in the paper like they do for storage building abandonment, but we want to be sure.

    He also was abusive to her, beating her once and sodomizing her for punishment. She has no proof. Is there anything legally she can do about that? She has kept his threatening and insulting texts since they broke up. She's only 18 and doesn't know what to do and is becoming very stressed. Help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: After Break Up, How Long to Pick Up Personal Property

    If he is harassing her, she needs to go to the police NOW, file a report, and then take herself over to the courthouse to file for a restraining order.

    With respect to his property, she's not required to take care of it indefinitely. She can give him notice to pick it up with a deadline. The notice should give a reasonable time frame - two weeks to thirty days - and be sent certified mail, if possible. It should include the date of the notice, the date by which he must pick up his stuff, and the date it will be set to the curb if he doesn't pick it up.

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