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    Default Auto Accident Not Our Fault - Lawyer Dragging Feet

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Texas

    My husband and i were in an auto accident that was not our fault. we don't have health insurance and couldn't find a doctor that would see us. we finally found a lawyer that finally got a doctor for us. i have a neck injury and my husband has a shoulder injury. we are unable to have surgery until we get a settlement. our lawyer made up promise that we would have surgery if he got us just enough money for the surgeries. we have lost about everything we have. we have had to pay the doctor upfront to see us plus the mri that we had. it has been nearly 2 years and nothing. they are trying to get our local hospital to reduce their bill ($32,000 for 2 ct scans). he doesnt want to take it to court because my husband had a felony conviction in 1983 and since the accident happened in a small town, the jury would rule for the one that hit us cause he is a "good ole hometown boy".

    what do we do. we need help and fast.

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    Default Re: Auto Accident Not Our Fault-Lawyer Dragging Feet

    I'm sorry, but did you mean $3200.00 for 2 CT scans?
    32k sounds more like someone had surgery!

    There looks like there's an error with the amount there.

    And it also seems like your lawyer is dragging his feet.

    I'm not a lawyer, but i would like to hear from someone here too on the matter as to whether or not a criminal record in the past has any relevance to your present case- against the liability of an at-fault driver.

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    Default Re: Auto Accident Not Our Fault-Lawyer Dragging Feet

    not an error, 16,000 each for 2 ct scans!!! came to 32,000 for the 2 ct scans. not including er bill, ambulance bill etc.

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    Default Re: Auto Accident Not Our Fault-Lawyer Dragging Feet

    $32,000 for two CT scans is outrageous. I've never heard of anything like that. I'd fight the hospital on that bill. CT scans should only be about $1,000 a pop.
    You should probably talk to your lawyer about your concerns. A prior felony conviction is usually admissible on the issue of credibility. If it is from 1983 you might persuade the judge it is more prejudicial than probative and keep it out.
    If you attorney is concerned about venue, perhaps you could file in another county.

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    Default Re: Auto Accident Not Our Fault - Lawyer Dragging Feet

    The hospital will not return our lawyer's calls. They told us that we had a ct scans of head, neck, upper back, lower back, abdomin and hips and they charge for each area scanned-even though the ct machine went over us once. Not only that but I went to a doctor and they put my name on my husband's ct scan and report which made the $250 dr visit useless. My husband has had multiple back surgeries so it was obvious when the dr was asking about my back surgeries which I have never had. We will have to address that issue after the auto accident is settled.

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    Default Re: Auto Accident Not Our Fault - Lawyer Dragging Feet

    Our lawyer got the hospital to cut the ct scan bill in half-$16000 now.

    The doctor states that it will cost $23,000 to fuse 3 vertabrae in my neck. Our lawyer thinks he can get me $30,000. Is that all my injury is worth? I have been out of work for 2 years now. Is lawyer really working for us?

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