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    Default Miranda Rights

    I was arrested after the State Police kicked in my door and came in with Guns drawn. on a misdemeanor. When they got me to the barracks they fingerprinted me, photo was taken, and I was read my miranda rights. I kept asking them what i was charged with and they wouldnt tell me, all they said was "we will let you know shortly" After the inv. read me my rights I asked to please use the phone to call an attorney. I was told by the inv. You can call when you get to the jail. about an hour later i was brought into a conference room and the inv started questioning me about my wife, her job, e-mails, etc. I again asked to use the phone to call an attorney and again was told "i can call one from the Jail". It was then the inv. told me i was charged with agg harrassment, stalking (they said it was from e-mails sent to my estranged wife) and a felony count of eavesdropping, (because I had a program on our home computer to watch where my step-son was on the internet, due to having 2 computers crash from virus's he got in porn sites) I did ask them if i could have a cigarette and they said yes one inv. went outside with and the other went through my wallet. when we went back inside he asked me why I had two SS cards and i explained one was my sons. they took it from me. also I had a savings bond I bought from my step son 2 yrs ago before he went into the military, he needed money. they took that also and said I could be charged with stolen bonds. I again immediatly asked to call an attorney and they told me no, I asked four times to call an attorney and they refused. they continued to question me about all kinds of things. 3 hrs later they brought me to court and they gave the Judge the charges and the Judge told me i was being arrested for only 3 misdemeanors, and set bail at 250.00 . I bailed out and came home, im still wonder what happened to the felony charge of eavesdropping went to seeing as I was booked in the police station on that charge??? what can I do??????[/b]

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    Are the police attempting to use any statements you made during interrogation, but after you were refused permission to contact your attorney, against you in court? If so, you should discuss with your lawyer the possibility of getting any such statements suppressed from evidence.

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