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    Question Attorney Gave Notice to Withdraw From My Case

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Virginia

    Hi everyone I am new to the forum, but need to know if someone can help me. My attorney gave me notice on Sept 16th, 2009 that he was resigning from my case. Since then i had not recieved anything from them ( which is nothing new) I sent a letter to him asking him that he forward my files and all papers from my case so that I may try to seek other cancel. My Workers Compensation case is almost 7 years old.

    I got a call yesterday from his paralegal who told me that they recieved my letter and that they were not sending any papers of the resignment until the finding of the last court case was turned in to them.. Sh also informed me that they were putting a lean against my case for fees, that they never got from what ever they claim.

    I was told that I can come get my files next tuesday, but can anyone tell me what all i need to make sure is in there I do not trust this attorney to give me my complete file. What part of my file am i intitle to.

    COnversations between both sides, all medical papers that i supplied which i supplied most if not all papers. contrat that i signed, what all should i make sure is in this file before taking it from his officeA? According to them they are putting this lean against my case for $257.50 they say it is for amounts they never got. we have only been to court twice in the three years that he has so called repersented me. The last on was on Aug 31 2009 and we have not recieved anything from that, But there is no money involved as far as i know. We went to see if my ankle and foot injury can be added to list of injuries, because of seperation of tendons on both sides of my left foot do to limping from my back injury.

    If anyone can tell me what all i need to know as far as what i am intitle to when i go to this office on tuesday. This attorney has left me in a state of hardship no doubt because we the doctors after almost 6 years still do not know what all is wrong with me and i am in ongoing clinic all the time.

    My WC doctor he seems as though he is tired of dealing with me too. I have requested that he take me out of work so that I can get SSDS but he says that by law he can not do that,. but he had on his office notes that he does physcal exam everytime i go but he has not touch me since 2003. My situation is a real mess and no other attorney will take on my case., but i need to make sure that i get everything i need to that i can repersent my self..

    Any ones help would be appreciated.. Thank you

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    Default Re: Attorney Gave Notice to Withdraw From My Case

    Why is your lawyer withdrawing from your case? Is it, for example, because you're at MMI and your benefits are ending? Why won't other lawyers accept your case?

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    Smile Re: Attorney Gave Notice to Withdraw From My Case

    The only reason that my attorney could give me is that he is resigning because the insurance carrier is never going to settle this case. He also said that he was not going to keep going back and forth over medcial issues. meaning if there is no money he doesnt want to be involved.

    Other then that, this is what they have told me. so really i guess he was looking for a quick fix for the money,. He told me, to be honest with you after you and this other case that i have with this same company I will never take anymore of cases involving this company.

    So I have been trying to find a lawyer, all it takes is for me to say who i work for and how long my case has been going on. and they say that they cant help me but gracely give me a name of another attorney, call them same results. and it just continues on and on.

    Yes I have reach MMI twice from two different doctors, had two FCE one, IME.had to go out and seek a out side doctor because of damage to my foot, which was never addressed dispite the 6 years of pain.

    I should not be at end of benifits because I have been put back to work ever since 2004 the doctor refuses to take me out dispite how much pain i am in. and How much i have to call in due to now being able to walk at all, at times. he tell me that by law he can take me out.. what ever that means, it seem to me it should be about the patients well being not the law..

    thanks for the response.

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