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    Default What Problems Will I Have if I Leave Home at 17

    My mother and I have not always seen eye to eye on things. We've had alot of arguments, and some very intense ones. It has come to the point sometimes where she has hit me or beaten me. It has not happened lately, the last time it came to that it was on superbowl sunday last year. I almost filed an abuse report with my school counselor, but decided I would try to work things out with my mother. But to the point, it has come to the point lately where she argues with me and calls me a horrible child for things every teenager does, but she makes me feel like complete dirt with the things she says to me, most of it is way below the belt. We just today had some things happen where she has told me that she wants me to leave, she thinks I am a hindurance to the family, and doesn't find me very important. I live in IL, and I am 17 and a quarter officialy today. I know she won't call the cops on me, but I am afraid of how I will work school out and that she will file charges against the person I am going to be taking up residency with. I am going to be moving in with some friends of mine, two males who are 21 and 22. My boyfriend is the 22 year old, but the relationship is entirely platonic. I am afraid that she will try to have my boyfriend tried for statutory rape, even though nothing is going on. Can she do this? And about my school, how can I get permission to release my records and get my transcript so I can transfer to my new district? And also, I read that is she does change her mind and call the police, she cannot bring me back home because I am too close to 18 and as long as I am not engaging in Illegal activity, I am ok. Is this true? Please help me.

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    Default Re: What Problems Will I Have if I Leave Home at 17, in Il

    Check it out! I'm 19, and I was in the same boat you were, and at 14 I was desperate for an escape from my home and mother. Here's what I know,
    From my knowledge a Statuatory Rape conviction can't go through unless your mother has witnessed to you engaging in sexual acts. Like, if she gets one of your friends to say she or he's heard/seen/spoken to you about you having sex with your BF. And another fun fact, in NY, where i'm from, 17 is age of consent so you can have sex with just about anyone you damn well please. You should check that out for IL.

    In HS it's VERY hard to transfer to a new school in Junior/Senior year, because you're so near the end. You'd have to speak to the principal of your new school and your old school to set up a special transfer case type thing cause theres is leniency, but only so much.
    When I needed my transcript, I never needed parental consent. I simply went to the office and asked for one to be printed, so try that. If anything, talk to your guidance counselor because she should have access to all your school records and maybe she could help you.

    But honestly, it's very hard moving out of your parents' house. especially if it's to live with a BF/GF. You could break up and be left with nowhere to go. Your mother would enjoy the satifaction of you crawling back. If I was you i'd just stay out of my mothers hair or just ignore what she says, because it may be hurtful but i'm sure she loves you. and if she doesn't, it's cause she hates herself.
    So stay home, deal with it till you're of age and graduated, and make the best of it!

    Hope this helped!

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    Default Re: What Problems Will I Have if I Leave Home at 17, in Il

    17 is the age of consent in Illinois but he could still be charged with interference with custody

    Oh brother is wrong about schools not 'allowing' transfers. If your legal residence changes, you will have to transfer to the school district of your new residence.

    Is there a relative you could go to?

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