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    Default Interstate Divorce with Disputed Paternity

    My soon to be husband resides in the state of louisiana. My son is 7 months old and we both live in the state of wisconsin. 2 days after my son was born I went to the child support agency and filed. My husband was in the military at the time and got served the child support papers. Right now we have a nonlegal separation order for child support. He has never seen our child, and he goes from believing that this is his child, to neglecting that he has a child and that hes his. He keeps saying that he wants testing done to prove that our child is not his, when I am 100 % sure that he is his son because we've been married the whole time I was pregnant. He owes me 6000.00 dollars of back child support right now and he filed for divorce in louisiana just this past month. On the papers I got he wrote that there was no child born into the marriage. I really want to see him go to jail. Is that considered fraud and could I get him for abandonment also even though he resides in louisana?

    My husbands attorney for the divorce said that they cannot do anything about child support or custody, and the state of wisconsin is saying thats not true they have to or the order will be voided out. Can you give me any kind of advice?

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    I have no idea what any of the orders to date say. Have the court papers from both states reviewed by a lawyer.

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