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    Unhappy Deferred Sentence and Probation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: colorado
    hi. thank u in advance for reading. i am just looking for a few answers. i appreciate any advice. i received a deffered sentence of a year for a dv charge. my gf lied to the police and i was arrested. she tried to take it back but couldnt. the da told me that i should plead guilty bc it would be off my record in a year after the defferred was over. i dont know anything about law so i agreed. i was not given a lawyer to speak with. anyway, i was being abused so i did what i was supposed to do but enough was enough. i knew noone in that state i had to leave. now i need to stop looking over my shoulder. i need to know how i can fix this and what will happen to me. i had another case as well that i was told to take the same deal by the da. it was reckless endangerment. i was holding a knife to my throat at the hospital. when they tackled me they called police. i dont know. i just want to clear this up. i hate this. it scares me. im sick of living in fear. i have a history of mental illness and have been in and out of hospitals and have hurt myself badly. i was afraid something bad woulda happened if i stayed in that situation. i appreciate any responces. thank you.

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    You violated your probation and fled the state? Then to resolve the situation you need to go back, turn yourself in on the probation violation, and have a probation violation hearing with the sentencing court. At that time you'll likely be deemed a violator and lose your deferral. Jail time is possible; I suggest consulting a lawyer.

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