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    Default Talking to an Underage Girl

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Arkansas

    ...nothing has come of it. We haven't kissed, or touched, or done anything beside talk. Nor will we, ever. She's made a few lewd comments to me and I had a temporary lapse of judgment when she asked for my phone number. Here's the catch-- I'm a teacher.

    She is seventeen years old. I'm 25.

    I've cut off all communication with her, but could I possibly be charged with anything for communication with her (only text messages-- NOTHING else)?

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    Default Re: Talking to an Underage Girl

    Are you a teacher in HER school?

    You don't seem to have violated any law, but you may well have violated your contractual code of conduct. If she raises a ruckus, you could well lose your job.

    DO NOT have ANY contact with this girl at all any more. And change your phone number.

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    Default Re: Talking to an Underage Girl

    I know a teacher who was 23, had a 17 year old student living with her. Ended up loosing her job after the parents complained but as far as legal issues, there were none.

    I assume they had sex but I'm not 100% sure. Was local in my city, I knew both the guy and the teacher actually. Both really nice people.

    Guess the question you gotta ask if she is a student in you school, is she worth loosing your job over?

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