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    Okay, Im planning on becoming a police officer and I did a few things when i was little but nothing over 16. The last thing I did i was put in a program called dirversion which makes me do 72 hours of cumminty service and my charges get "dropped" which i know means sealed. But the probation officer told me that as long as i never do anything ever again(which I havnt done anything) that I can become a police officer and the state goverment who does the background checks will not be able to find out what I did, she also said shes seen lots of kids go threw the program and become officers also my uncle whos a police officer said the same thing. But my question is, after college im joining the marines and i know you have to tell them everything you did but when im ready to become a police officer and they look at my military record will it say that i enlisted and had a criminal record before joining?

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    When becoming a police officer, you also have to admit to everything you did. if you lie, and they find out about it, you can kiss that career goodbye.

    Now, while the record might be sealed, you can bet dollars to donuts that they will be requesting information on law enforcement contacts from any agency where you have lived, gone to school, or worked. Chances are this will come up. If it doesn't, then the background officer is not doing his or her job. Note, also, that having a sealed record does not necessarily mean that law enforcement cannot see it in a background ... it might, but I am not sure of the laws in your state on this issue unless you are in CA.

    Note that a felony of most any stripe will be an automatic state and federal disqualifier. Misdemeanors are workable, but while they are not a disqualifier, depending on the nature of the offense and what you have done in the interim, they may not be an issue. If you are 25 and have been through college and have a good , steady job history and your last misd. crime was shoplifting at age 16, then you're probably not going to have a problem. If you're 21 and last month you got popped for public intoxication, that would not be so good. For these offenses it is all about time and perspective.

    - Carl

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