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    Default Minor Wants To Move to Another State

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: North Carolina

    A few months ago my mother kicked me out of her house and sent me to Georgia with my father. Now she has stated many times I can not come back to live with her. However things are not working out with my father either and I have a friend I can stay with in North Carolina. The troubles are my mother is still my gaurdian. Now I know in Georgia and I have asked the cops, they will do nothing to me if I move out. What if I go to North Carolina and both my parents call the police? My father already stated he would do so and I know my mother will. Will the police make me come back? What will happen?

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    Default Re: Georgia to North Carolina Moving

    In any state, if your parents make enough of a fuss, you can be forced to return.

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