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    Angry Problems with Estate

    estate is being probated in indiana

    this estate has been going on for to long,all the heirs are tired of it.
    the attorney isn't helping much at all.we just want things to be over with.
    i'm the PR in this estate and the attorney had me do a paper like the appraisement paper.and nothing could be appraised the house had a land contract that was done 10 days prior to the death of seller.and the people that was buying it moved in before his death an the 1st payment wasnt due till the month after seller's i couldnt get appraisal on that.items was taken from the estate and the attorney said there is no proof of the items we wrote our items couldnt be appraised they are nothing of value and we signed a agreement and sent it to the attorney that the items are of no value and basically we abandoned them.and a bank account that has been closed which is on there too.vehicle which was sold thats on there and its not showing sold.
    the attorney made me sign this messed up appraisal paper and its all wrong.
    i'm just really confused and all the heirs are mad on how everything is going and yes i'm one of the heirs.and how thngs are messed up and the attorney's advice i'm afraid of being sued by everybody.everything i think has been mishandled on items that was taken before the estate was open ,the attorney's advice he tells me one thing then,another and when i do what he tells me to do he asks me why did you do that.its really making me question if i'm going to be sued by the other heirs.

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    Default Re: Problems with Estate

    If you don't like the job your current lawyer is doing, crack open the phone book and start looking for replacement lawyers.

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    Default Re: Problems with Estate

    will it be worth it though since,me and the other heirs dont have any money?
    this is a very small estate the actual cash value of the real estate i think is 30,000-40,000

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