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    Default Verbal Contract - Living with Boyfriend's Family

    Briefly, daughter and her then Boyfriend moved in with his grandparents in Florida for 2 months because boyfriend was homeless and would not go unless she came with him. Daughter (she's 19) moved down in mid-January. They broke up recently & and she moved back home.

    This weekend I received email stating that she owes back rent and utility (electric) charges although there was never a written or verbal (where any set amount was discussed or when it would start/end etc) lease and/or contract and the only reason she believes this is happening is becuase she broke up with the boyfriend.

    Is my daughter libel for this amount ($456.00 as they state) or any amount if there was no formal agreement? She is visibly upset over this and had a very bad split and doesn't want anything to do with family. Please advise.

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    If somebody lets you live with them, and gives every impression that it's free, they don't have a legal basis to turn around and try to charge you after-the-fact.

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