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    Default SSDI, SSI and V.A. Benefits and Representative Payee Requirement

    Hey all,

    I just won my SSDI and SSI with retro backpay.

    I also won VA service connection compensation 50% award as well with backpay not reciveing any yet.

    I have 7 Medical conditions, 2 them are Mental PSTD and depresion disorder.

    So VA and Social Secuirty Did Proposed Incomptency-meaning they saying I need Payee.

    Last 3 years been on rent vouchers and food stamps never been on them in all my life.

    Im comptent totally, cook, clean go to store, on , on etc which is why find both finding even more upsurd.

    But to get My Money faster to start and backpay so can get on with my life.

    So I told Both wanted My mother as Payee.

    Social secuirty told me that my SSI backpay will come in 2 weeks or so, when they subtract the 3 years rent vouchers.

    Then they said SSD retro backpay will come in 3-8 weeks.

    My VA Service connection compensation 50% and retro wont be for another 8 weeks or so im stuck till get money.

    Here are My questions.

    Could get my SSD retro faster since Judge expidited fully favorable decison to get me my money?
    Could I see SSD money in 3-4 weeks or think it be 5-8?

    Next question for My mother as Payee.
    For social secuirty does My mother have to pay for me all in Checks or can she use Bank card debit from my account she is payee off?

    Also for Retro since I need everything , Car, apartment, furnish apartment etc

    For retro does social secuirty want my mom to keep receipts?
    Can she pay with card for some ?

    From what understand that payee keeps monthly recipts but for retro as long its spent wisely to reloactae get settled new apartment, furnished it etc they are ok?

    Other Questions are for last 3 years my mother who is 73 years old has had to pay all my bills to live, rent differnce etc on my vouchers.

    Can I pay My mother back some my Retro pay if wanted to give her 5,000$ to 10,000$ of retro even Know she dont expect it as my Payee can my mother do that right check cause I told her to, pay her back since she used all her retirement on me?

    Last question Is How do go about geting comptency reversed , If im totally comptent am I screwed , How hard How do get it changed back, can request exam have doctor say he is comptent or what?

    thank you all

    please Know asked alot questions but i need help

    with my mother going to be payee for all.

    I Owe Her Money for last 3 years she has used up her retirement due to her oldest son me being super sick with all my medical condtions.

    When I get Money retro SSDI and SSI and VA can I pay her back some Money If I want to?

    To be clear she is Not asking for any, But if decide to pay her 5,000 to 15,000
    can I, mean she would have to right check to herself and I would sign and Notarize it etc, Witness etc.

    other question is Can My Mother as Payee, Pay in checks they Prefer I know, But can see for some things I need to pay online can see do it with bank debit card as well as long as their valid she has recipts?

    Lastly How Long will take me in Jan when Im moved to reverse MY comptency back , I will be switching to VA in tampa, will new doctors their screw me around on writeing simple he is Comptent to handle Money etc Notes even if they do, will VA and social secuirty allow it?

    please need advice all

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    Default Re: SSDI, SSI and V.A. Benefits and Representative Payee Requirement

    The services of a Social Security representative payee are described here (a similar description for the representative payee to read can be found here). I don't know anything about the mental conditions that have inspired the VA and SSA to deem you as in need of a third party to manage your finances, so I'm not able to assess how they would play into your making a substantial gift to your representative payee, should they ask for an accounting and find that transfer of funds. You should discuss what it might take to be regarded as fully competent to manage your own finances with your mental health care provider.

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    Default Re: SSDI, SSI and V.A. Benefits and Representative Payee Requirement

    If you are going to have ongoing eligibility for SSI (because your SSDI and VA are low enough), your retroactive SSI benefits will be subject to the 3 installment process mandated by Congress. First installment can be paid after interim assistance and attorney fees are paid but cannot be more than three times the current federal benefit plust state supplement in your state. Second installment is paid six months later and the amount is the same criteria. Final installment is paid 12 months later and is for the entire balance. There are some exceptions to the installment process, but the criteria is very specific and you have to suppy documents. Does it feel like Big Brother is watching over you? That's how I would feel too.

    Your retroactive SSDI benefits are subject to windfall offset. The amount of retroactive SSDI is offset or reduced by the amount of SSI retroactive payments that would not have been due had the SSDI been paid on time. Does it sound like you are paying back the SSI? Yep, you are right.

    Now, are your VA benefits service connected or non-service connected? One of those types is a needs based benefit and you have to report your SSDI to them. Receipt of either type WILL affect the SSI benefits the month of receipt. So if your first VA check comes in December, you might not be eligible for SSI starting that month. Then you would meet an exception to installment processing.

    Generally, these assorted computations take some time and your retroactive benefits are not issued to you until these things are computed. So, unless your are homeless or about to be evicted, you will just have to wait a little longer. Perhaps thinking that getting on with your life can start with the New Year will help you find the patience. Perhaps not. But wanting it to go faster will not make it go faster.

    Deal with having a payee for a year. Get medical treatment for your conditions. Cultivate a medical relationship with a psychiatrist or other mental health professional. Prove that you are stable enough to handle your own money. If your treating doctor agrees, SSA will let you be your own payee. There is a form for it. Not sure about the VA.

    If you have a valid debt to your mother or your credit card or the bank, and your current needs and your forseeable future needs are being met by your current income and your retroactive benefits, then your payee can use your benefits to pay your debt. But creditors do not come before current needs for food and shelter.

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