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    Default Writing a Legal Document Regarding Protection of Ideas

    Hi there, i am andrew.
    i have no law experience what so ever.
    however i would like to do business with a very well known large company.
    i have a very good idea which would change many things for the good.
    i am not posting my idea or the company i am looking to do business with because i think it is too good to release.

    how would i go about writing a legal document that required both parties to sign that would protect my idea from being used without their permission?
    any help on the subject would be very much appreciated. thank you for your time.

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    Default Re: Writing a Legal Document Regarding Protection of Ideas

    Consult a patent attorney or, at the very least, an attorney who specializes in business contracts and agreements; but consult with an attorney.

    The law is extremely complex and one minor mistake, and you agreement might just be null and void.

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