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    Default Appealing Sexual Offense Plea Bargain

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Illinois

    A friend pled guilty to a sexual offense 10yrs ago at the age of 17 due to many reasons (bad public defender, young and didn't know what was going on, pressure from family to take a shorter sentence. There were alot of things done wrong, which now my friend older now, can look back on like an STD present in alleged victim, but not friend. Also a family member of the alleged victim was dating my friend at the time and recorded victim saying nothing happened without her knowing and that couldn't be used (why would that be?) Case dropped by famil, but forced to testify. On top of that the conviction that shows now is not what was understood then.

    1.Is it possible to appeal the plea bargain?
    2. Is there a way too find out if the wrong offense might be listed as well?
    3. What other things can be done to make some changes or is it too long ago?

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    Default Re: Appealing Sexual Offense Plea Bargain

    Your friend apparently committed the crime, doesn't dispute that he committed the crime, and entered a guilty plea in which he confessed to the crime a decade ago. I'm not seeing that he has any realistic chance of revisiting that conviction. He's free, of course, to retain a lawyer and try.

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    Default Re: Appealing Sexual Offense Plea Bargain

    Are you saying that he had a plea agreement. Plead guilty to that charge, but his criminal record shows the conviction is for a different charge? That would be correctible.

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