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    Default Collecting Unemployment While Taking Classes

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: California

    I was laid off from my job in January and searched hi & low for work and had NO luck at all. I've therefore decided to enroll in grad school business classes. I sent back my unemployment form explaining that I started school, and I now have a phone interview with the department in the next two weeks.

    Under what circumstances will I still be able to collect unemployment? In all honesty, I wouldn't be taking courses if I could find work or if I still had a job. In this market though, this is the best way to keep my skills sharp and appear attractive to employers. If I got offered a job I would drop the classes or take them by correspondence or switch to a night program. The bottom line, what questions will they ask and will I be eligible to continue collecting?

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    C. Voluntary School Attendance - Willingness to Abandon School
    If the claimant is seeking full-time work, his or her eligibility is determined under the provisions of Section 1253(c), not Section 1253.8.

    The claimant may indicate that, although attending school, he or she is willing to abandon school or alter his or her school schedule if a suitable job opportunity arises. If the facts establish the claimant is available for full-time work, the school attendance is not a restriction and the claimant would be considered eligible under Section 1253(c).

    Credibility of claimant willing to abandon or alter school schedule

    When the claimant indicates a willingness to accept employment and alter school attendance or abandon school altogether, the credibility of the statement must be established in most cases. Factors to be considered are:

    1. The Type of School or Training

    College and Professional Schools
    Students involved in academic or professional courses normally attach some importance to the continuation and completion of their endeavors. This type of pursuit raises an inference of unavailability if attendance is required during the claimant's customary working hours. The inference may be overcome by the consideration of such factors as the student's occupational goals, the number of years of school completed, and the claimant's past pattern of employment.

    You can take college classes, but you may also have another interview to determine if your classes qualify.

    People should save the link, this question comes up alot.

    This is why I tell people to take night classes or online classes, those are accepted. Just to be safe.

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