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    Default Workplace bullying, gangstalking, and cyberstalking

    How can this be happening in America. My freind worked for sbc and her coworkers--all male-- broke into her truck and moved things around, trying to make her look crazy. they messed with her work all the time and got her into trouble. She ended up leaving. Now she has a job making less then half of what she made, has to sell her house and everything. A few weeks later another ex sbc employee aproached her at her new job and told her these guys did the same thing to him to the point he ended up in the hospital for treatment, he was so emotionaly destroyed. This is called workplace mobbing and there need to be laws. These people who were harrassing them at work are suspected to be in phone lines, of course, they drive the phone trucks, and screwed up my freinds computer so badly with hacking into it that she had to have a professional come in and lock her computer up. She only uses the library computer now. These crimes are becoming common. Cyberstalking went from almost 200 to almost 400 cases in one year. And those are the ones who got caught.

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    Default Bullying at work

    It's not legal and there are laws.

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    Default Re: Workplace bullying, gangstalking, and cyberstalking

    She can't prove anything happened, she most likely spoke to the supervisor and when the supervisor/manager said they can't do anything - she quit. Possibly if YOU reported the situation, instead of keeping it inside and posting it on a forum, she would still have a good job.

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    Default Re: Workplace bullying, gangstalking, and cyberstalking

    Gang stalking is no joke. We just had the first international day for gang stalking this past weeked. The first world day to end the silent holocaust.

    I worked for a large Canadian telecommunications firm six years ago. This company is so rich they own a baseball team and the stadium to match. My harassment started in the workplace and then it went from sexual harassment to workplace mobbing.

    It didn't stop there though, they started the harassment outside of work in the community where I lived, after that I quit the job because of the harassment and I moved.

    They started this stuff at the new job that I started, which was working for a large wealthy Canadian finacial institution. What I did not know and would not find out is that, I have been watched since quiting the first job.

    They approched people in my community, friends, family and others to help them gather information and to spy on me. Where I moved to they bugged my home, also hacked my computer and yes they do have access to people who work for phone companies and they do get into the lines.

    People outside on the street, would use directed conversations to discuss things that were happening within my home. They had audio and it would seem some visuals of my home.

    Oh when I would be out apparently they would enter the apartment to move things around, I only knowtised later, but didn't put it together till later on. This all done to keep the target quite and stop them from talking about what they know.

    The thing is I left the first company, I didn't go after them, but they came after me. The only thing targets can do to protect themselves I now understand is to get this stuff exposed.

    Targets of gang stalking are having nervous break downs, from people trying to make them look crazy, and getting people close to them to participate. This is done with slander and sometime even faked files on the target. Other targets are being institutionalised as crazy, when it's really gang stalking a form of harassment, designed to make them look crazy, and some are just killing themselves, because they can't find help when they need.

    This is a very serious topic. People need to become aware that this is happening in society. This is destroying lives, and it's not like other simple forms of harassment. This is a combination of mobbing done in the targets community and organised stalking. The goals of this are to leave the target so desitute, they can't defend themselves, or support themselves.

    Your friends story is not unique, this is happening to more and more of us. However slowly online, word is making it out, but not in the general population yet. God willing though, it will and these people will be forced to stop this. It happens out in the open, yet it's all done in silence, if that makes sense.

    There are stories of targets being made homeless, jobless, and just destitue. Quit a few worked for Banks from what I am reading, there are many stories of people who worked for Banks, but also other large wealthy companies.

    The Canadian bank that I recently worked for, will run for the cure one minute and harass their employees outside of work the next. It's so shameful, and these things need to get exposed. It's good that you told us what happened to your friend. She should start a blog about what happened, or write about it. Our testimonies are the only thing that we have going.

    This year we had a lot of really good things happen, by way of getting exposure. We had some good articles about this in some newspapers. We had the first world day to end the silent holocaust, and we have many targets now coming online to discuss this.

    There are also smaller community efforts. A difference can happen, it just takes time.

    If you want to read some other stories, you can find some here.

    Also this article is great to read.

    We just need to keep the faith and hope. This can be exposed, but only by people having the chance to tell their stories, and hopefully the media will finally do it's job and report these things.

    Take care.

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