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    Default Fighting custody in Canada from Texas

    I am emotionally and utterly distraught.

    I have been fighting for my kids for 2 years. I had a messy divorce, my ex husband is trying to alienate my children, as well as not allowing them to come to Texas to visit me or there new baby brother, and I don't know what to do.

    My ex hates my new husband because he is african american and I am white, he has brainwashed my 3 year old into telling childrens aid that my new husband choked her. (which is a complete lie) He wants me to have nothing to do with the children as well as telling my 8 year old that mommy out of sight is out of mind. I have ran out of money due to paying over $15,000 in lawyers fees just to get through the divorce and some of the custody as well as leaving me with well over $20,000 in debts that my new husband helped me to pay. Due to making $30,000 a year in Canada while giving birth to our new child and paying to my ex over $900 a month in child support and 50% of the daycare I couldn't even support my american husband in canada nor our son until we could do his immigration papers we had to move to Texas where he is originally from so that he could work so that we could look after our baby too. My new child is suffering as we cannot go out and buy the simple things in life.

    This may seem so scattered, but my brain feels like it is melting from all the stress. I really don't know what to do anymore. I have no more money as I have spent it all trying to fight for them due to my husband making me take him to court for everything so that I run out of money. Whenever I call the kids he screens the calls to control how often I call the children. And worse of all I have been diagnosed with Manic depressive Bipolar syndrome which I was diagnosed when I was with him due to going through his numerous extra marital affairs. I couldn't mentally deal with it, I had numerous breakdowns and went onto medication, all because of him and now he is using this to his advantage as well.

    How do I deal with this internationally. I cannot even leave the country as my paperwork is now in immigration pending approval? I miss my children every day and cry I feel sometimes am I the only one going through this, we didn't even do anything wrong except love the kids?

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    If this is a Texas divorce and custody matter, you will have to resolve it through the Texas courts.

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    Default fighting for custody in Canada from Texas

    Mr Knowitall

    My kids and I are Canadian, all took place in Canada before I moved to Texas with my american husband.

    I have already been through the courts in Canada my ex husband has interim custody of the children since he lied and manipulated my children. I am in the midst of re-opening the custody due to my concerns of well-being of my children.

    I am concerned as this isn't just myself, my husband their new baby brother and my family that this is happening against.

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