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    Default Expunction or Non-Disclosure of Info

    I was arrested for interfering with a 911 call several years back, both parties involved admitted I did not know that it was a call to 911, my attorney told me it would be best to plead no contest and get deferred adjudication and it would drop of my record. I was dumb and believed him.

    Well now I am looking for a new job and keep failing the background checks. After some research I have found that both the arrest and court records are on my criminal history. I would like to get this taken care of and from what I have read I have to get it seal under a non-discloser plea.

    I donít want this on my record and after some research I found out that in TX it has to be proven that I knowingly interrupted the 911 call, which I understand to mean that I had to know it was a 911 call or that I prevented the person from calling 911. Since I did not know the call was to 911 can I get this over turned or thrown out?

    Can I go back to court and get this thrown out? Or would it be better to pursue a non-discloser plea, and better yet can I get it expunged?

    And can I do this myself without having to pay another lawyer that charge me thousands of dollars and once again only do whats easiest for the lawyer.

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    Default Re: Expunction or Non-Disclosure of Info

    You qualify for an order of non disclosure,it might be possabile to have the conviction set aside or the case reopen,thats probably a lot hardier.It might not be possablie,it would help to discuss that option with a lawyer. You can file an order of non disclosure yourself,certain counties it might hard to get with out a lawyer.

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