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    Default Out of State Civil Judgment is Stopping Renewal of License

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Michigan
    I had an accident in Ohio in 1998. The other driver took me to court and a judgment was entered against me. I never received any information regarding the court case or judgment, although that is a moot point now. When I tried to renew my license here in michigan I was denied and told to contact an attorney in Ohio who was handling the collection of the judgement.
    Can the secretary of state legally stop me from renewing based on a judgment from Ohio? I never had a license in Ohio. I am confused how they can do it. I read the mcl pertaining to traffic violations in other states being deemed concurrent with the way Michigan would deal with it, but I never received any traffic tickets related to this inicident. The person I hit was an off duty police officer who filed a report the next day and then sued me for damages, no papers, no evidence, no nothing.

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    Default Re: Out of State Civil Judgment is Stopping Renewal of License

    You're suspended in Ohio, and until that's resolved you won't get a Michigan license.

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    Default Re: Out of State Civil Judgment is Stopping Renewal of License

    Thats what I was afraid of. Thanks for the link, I had already viewed that. The attorney stated he would agree to make payment arrangements and then he would have it lifted. I am just upset that this guy sued me for over 7k and I never received any notification, at all, otherwise I would have went to the court for the hearing, now I am stuck with that outrageous judgment. This was a fender bender, nothing more. Literally no serious damage done at all. The address they used was old, but the court docket shows that a certified letter was sent to me?????? I would have to assume the judge required proof of service or he would not have awarded the default judgment.
    Anyway, I am just frustrated.
    Thank you so much for the quick reply!!! Much appreciated.

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