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    Default Help Getting a Criminal Record Sealed in Texas

    I recently decided to try and get my record expunged, but I found out that I am not eligible for that since I got deferred adjudification... What I have is a class b misdemeanor for poss. of marijuana 0 to 2 ounces in the state of Texas... I talked to a lawyer today and he told me that the fees would run me about 300-350 bucks, and he would charge me too, well I really don't have that kind of money to be paying him too so I want to try and do it myself with helpful information from anyone on this site... What I can do is get my criminal record sealed.. He told me that if it was sealed that the only way anyone could access it is for criminal proceedings only... Someone else told me that any state agency could access it for any reason... Thing is that I am in a town where most of the jobs are offered through state agencies so I want to get my record sealed, but i don't want to go through the trouble if I can't get the job anyway... Can anyone tell me how long it would take for the whole process, how to do it, and whether state agencies could look my criminal record up afterwards or not...

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    Have you checked with the court to see if a form petition to seal a record is available? If not, you may also ask about getting a copy of a prior petition to seal a criminal record, and use it as a model.

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