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    Default When Should WC Start Sending Benefit Checks

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Maryland
    Is there a law or guideline that states when WC have to start senting benifit checks?
    My husband injuried his knee on the job in 2007. He had surgery in 2008 and the doctor had to remove all of the cartilage in his knee. The doctor said he would eventually need a cartilage transplant, but he released him back to work in April 2008. All information was sent to WC. They knew he would need a cartilage transplant. He didn't have any problems with WC sending him checks for this claim. My husband when back to work (package delivery driver) and 16 months later he was know longer able to stand the pain in his knee, due to bone rubbing on bone. He called WC and they approved a doctors appointment. He went to the doctor and the doctor took him out of work until a MRI and follow-up appointment. WC approved the MRI and follow-up. The MRI shows bone leisions and the doctor's recommenation is the cartilage transplant and took him out of work until surgery. Now WC wants my husband to go to their IME in October. We understand all of this, but my husband has been taken out of work with WC approval since July 31, 2009 and WC has not sent him any money for being out of work. We have a lawyer, but they keep saying don't worry we will get your benifits. We need them now, we have bills to pay. Is there anything we can do to get WC to sent us the weekly money that is due.

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    Default Re: When Should WC Start Sending Benefit Checks

    You have a lawyer, so your lawyer should be able to explain to you why there has been a delay. We can only guess.

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