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    Default Suing the Police for Entrapment

    I was found not guilty by reason of police entrapment for the crime of "importuning" in the state of ohio on 12/12/2005.

    This illegal action by police cost me my life. I was a teacher, till this happend. I was a graduate student with a 3.79 GPA, till this happend. I lived in Ohio, till this happend.

    That same evening of the arrest the police forced me to go to my home where they took possession of my computer and computer software. In my apartment they found Anabolic Steroids(F4). There was no search warrant, just some piece of paper which said "computer" related items on it. A warrentless search i was told that violated something called "fruit of the poisonous tree" I have been told.

    I faced both of these charges separately in separate counties in ohio. The drug charge was finalized before the Importuning charge had even begun and my challenge to the legality of what police had done that evening that caused all of this.

    I eventually did plead guilty to the drug charge, and won after jury trial of importuning and found not guilty by reason of pd entrapment.

    I ask for legal help in 3 ways. Firstly i intend on proceeding civilly against the police for the losses i have endured as a result of their illegal action. I was also issued a court order by the judge that the pd immediately give back my property, to which i still wait and they refuse outright giving me back my items. This was also a 'sex charge' and i was repeatedly called a peadofile in local area newspapers and as a result dropped out of school, lost my job, and fled the state of ohio due to its extremely harsh punishments towards all sex offenders(in truth i planned on fleeing the country if I had lost).

    Secondly, if the actions of police were ruled ILLEGAL. Then everything resulting from an illegal action should be dismissed correct? I had an appeal on this matter(the drug charge) so that the Importuning charge and police conduct could be addressed in it but my attorney kept my money and failed to write a brief on my which my appeal was then dismissed. Can I get my appeal reinstated?

    Lastly, as of monday 3/27/06 my license to teach in the state of ohio is going to be revoked FOR LIFE(my license has been expired since june 30th 2005 which i think is important to note). The reasons they list for doing this are due to things that i have already been exonnerated of in a court of law(the importuning, sex offense charge). The department of education has sent me a letter informing me that they intend on publishing this PROVEN FALSE information in a local area newspaper, if i chose to not show up and defend myself yet again to their bs charges???...are they then not guilty of deformation of character, slander, malicious persecution, and libel(since it will be in print)?

    much of my story up to my victory in court (nothing of the recent actions by the department of edu however) is listed on the web at:

    Please Help


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    Default Entrapment

    If you have researched this issue, you have probably found that this type of sting operation is pretty common in the U.S., and that what saved you with the jury was most likely the fact that you didn't actually stop at the motel that night.

    The school license issue sounds like a civil proceeding, which would have a lower standard of proof than a criminal proceeding, in which case the mere fact of acquittal wouldn't stand as a bar to your being subjected to a license suspension or revocation. You should consider retaining a lawyer for any licensure proceedings.

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    wait wait wait

    who said anything about a motel or hotel?

    and for the record...nothing saved me....entrapment means that i did not do shit wrong, nothing saved has nothing to do with 'turning around' as the crime was already commited on the computer according to the law. how about what saved me is the evidence used...wasnt even the real convo and just a mix and match one where bits and pieces were left out so they could get the convo they wanted. I hired a forensic comp scientist for this at great expense to prove officer purgery(after trial he was placed on leave, the pd no longer does these stings).

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    Well, your web linked chat log mentions a meeting near or at a hotel so it is not a stretch to amke the leap that you had been near one.

    As for the court verdict I doubt that there is any such verdict as "not guilty by reason of entrapment". If you were found "not guilty" this does not - by itself - infer that you were "entrapped" even if the jury did not believe the officer's version of events.

    You will need to hire an attorny and sue them to see what a court decides with regards to entrapment.

    On a side note, I hope you have discontinued visiting chat rooms and chatting with kids (or those that claim to be kids). This kind of thing can only lead to more trouble. While that particular PD may not do these stings any more, they are very common in many other places and arrests are made every day as a result of these operations.

    - Carl
    Retired Cal Cop Sergeant & Teacher

    Seek justice,
    Love mercy,
    Walk humbly with your God

    -- Courageous, by Casting Crowns ...

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    since i am the sole person with the assume that conversation was what actually took place...well i suggest you have a look at the real conversation my computer expert pulled off my computer which was different which is all on the record. You can kind of see that I am trying to make that point in the article.

    and for the record....entrapment instructions were read to the jury by the judge as it was an entrapment only defense. It is also on the record in some jury information that every one of them filled out, it was printed in a local area newspaper NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF ENTRAPMENT(and a jury member is quoted in that as saying it was such a ruling). but the court at time of verdict did only say ''not guilty" which could only mean one thing in a entrapment only defense.

    please feel free to read a short article in the cleveland plain dealer(just do a simple search of my name and it will also verify this)

    hello though...kept my computer...court order to return it which states IMMEDIATELY....dont see anyone mentioning a word of that...which i find interesting.

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    You're right that the only transcript we have is the one you linked to.

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