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    Default Pursuing a Sex Offense Investigation of an Ex-Law Enforcement Officer

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: North Carolina

    Okay. Last October my husband and I filed a "complaint" against my mother's husband for sexual abuse against our daughter (things that took place from when she was 10 - 12 years old). It started with a phone call from my sister, who said that her daughter told her something that my daughter confided in her... that my mother's husband had offered to massage my daughters breasts to help them get bigger. That is where things started and why she finally opened up and told me everything. There are many many things that happened including him exposing his erect penis and daring her to suck him. He talked her into pulling his pants down for him, pulling her shirt up for him, daring her and my niece to walk up the driveway (at night) naked (which they did), told her many stories about his police days (which included getting some woman to give him a blow job), etc. You get the picture... and there were 5 full size pages of this same kind of crap. Guess what, the guy was not even arrested. He was asked to come to the police department (at his convenience) and talk about those allegations. He denied them and went home.

    Come to find out, the detective on our case was FRIENDS with that pervert!! The whole investigation was a joke!! I have typed up in detail how that investigation went and contacted the Chief Deputy... with no help there either! I can show numerous suspicious actions on the part of the detective that show he did not do his job. My sister called a police officer that she knew personally and asked her to check into the case file and see what the problem was. That officer told her that there really was no case... just a folder with our statements, but NOT the 5 page statement my daughter wrote out for the detective describing all the nasty things he did with her. FYI, he did not physically molest her, to our knowledge. When I was up at the department for my interview with the detective he showed me a FULL file folder and said that was what he had been working on with our case... statements from neighbors, etc. The officer that my sister talked to said that even on the computer files, the investigation was incomplete. The detective told us within just a few days that the assistant DA said to close the case... this was before there was even an attempt at investigating. No one had been questioned but us... not the neighbors, they didn't check his phone, didn't check the computer, nothing! The detective said there had to be probable cause to check those... this was after I told him my daughter said he talked to these teenage girls on the phone... she heard him several times and he told me himself that he talked to these children... for various reasons. Come to find out, those kids did not even exist.

    The detective closed our case in February and did not even tell us. This was a couple days after he returned from a 6 week training session. From what we can tell he never had time to do an investigation. It was May when my husband contacted him again. He played along like the case was still going until my husband mentioned some of the police officers at that department were friends with the pervert. Then the next email is when he told us the case was closed.... 3 months earlier!

    I contacted the captain at the police department and told him what all went on and that we believe our case was swept under the rug because we found out that the detective was friends with the accused. Did I mention yet that the accused pervert is an ex-police officer in that county? He told me numerous times about his "police buddies" up there at the sheriff's office so I know he had friends there. Well, I have been emailed with the captain (which is now the Chief Deputy) and although he promised to check into things for me, he hasn't done crap! I asked him repeatedly if the computer had been searched yet or was even still up there... because it belonged to my mother and she gave permission to search it, when the detective said they couldn't because there was no probable cause. He discouraged her by saying they could have it for a year or more. She told him she didn't care, just to do the search. They NEVER searched the computer for anything. The Chief Deputy promised me he would find out but after asking 6 times, he will not answer that question. I KNOW this case is being covered up because now there is an officer involved and I don't think the department wants that to come out. I guess it helps to have friends in the police department.

    So, what can I do now. Oh, I have typed up every single bit of information that I have concerning the case and have it ready to mail out to the DA. We had contacted him first thing but he directed us to the police department first... but said if we were not satisfied with how things were going, we could get back in touch with him. So we are.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on what else I can do. From what I've been reading, the DA may have no interest in pursuing our case because of lack of evidence... but the police refused to do a search on the computer and cell phone due to "no probable cause". That is BS!! I've been reading news stories on the internet where people get arrest for far far less than what he's been accused of. So what gives... friends on the police force or what?

    Thanks for taking time to read. There is so much more to this case but I don't think anyone would want to read 50 pages of information. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Pursuing a Sex Offense Investigation of an Ex-Law Enforcement Officer

    Ask the D.A. to explain the decision to you.

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    Default Re: Pursuing a Sex Offense Investigation of an Ex-Law Enforcement Officer

    Plus take this to the local newspaper. The papers live for stories like this.

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