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    Default Preparing a Judgment

    My question involves child support in the State of: California

    i went to court with the mother of my two year old son so i can get visitation rights.. we came to an agreement of me having him two days out of the week and also adding a middle name to his current legal name.. also visitation on certain holidays.. i had a lawyer at the time which was a waste of money since he didn't do anything.. my lawyer is now saying that he will give me 50% off his regular charge so he can prepare judgment.. so he wants to charge me 1250 to "prepare judgment" he says if i don't hire him to do it that it will be hard for me to do it on my own.. my question is what exactly is "prepare judgment" and is it hard to do? the judge that saw the child's mother and i said that we have untill December to put in the paperwork without appearing or else we will have to appear in court. what do i do?

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    Default Re: Preparing a Judgment

    I'm not totally sure, but what is sounds like is just writing up the visitation schedule. I would just write it up to what the mother and you agreed to. It doesn't have to be all legal terms, because you aren't a lawyer, but as long as it's clear and both parties agree to it, it should be fine. It probably has to be notarized also...

    But this is all speculation of what I think a prepared judgement is... hopefully someone will help clarify a bit more

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    1. I am also NOT a lawyer! PLEASE confirm this information at the Family Law Facilitator's office ASAP!!

    2. A Court will not enforce a notarized agreement! If there are ANY issues later on and you don't have a COURT ORDERED judgment you will need to start the whole legal process from scratch and it could cost you A LOT more in legal fees and heartache.

    3. If you and your X agree 100% you do not need to pay a lawyer to fill out the correct paperwork.

    4. What I think you need is this form
    You'd have the facilitator's office help you fill it out. Then bring it to your already scheduled December court date. Let the judge know you both agreed and ask the judge to enter the order you prepared.

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