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    Here is the thing I have a daughter that will be going to school next year (September 2010) five days a week. Her dad and I have 50/50 legal and physical. We live 30 minutes from each other. I have asked him about school and told him that I would like her to go to school near me cause I can get her there and pick her up. He told me no because he wants her to go to school somewhere in the middle. She has been going to preschool in the middle ( this is her second year) and I have had to arrange my work schedule many times but with her going five days a week next year it is going to create problems with work. Any advice? Her dad doesn't want to drop his physical 50/50 at all.

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    I must say that having the child's school in the middle does seem like the most appropriate compromise. Perhaps there is something else that might make a different school a better choice for the CHILD and not the parents? All CA schools have a 'report' card. You should see if one closer to you is rated better than one in the middle. Also keep in mind that not all school districts just let you pick and choose. Most kids are required to go to their closest elementary school - and that would be closest to mom or to dad - but not in the middle.

    If you two can't figure this out by spring of 2010 then you could file. As part of changing visitation; mediation will be required before going in front of a judge. You can do this without a lawyer. Just get help from the Family Law Facilitator's office in filling out the paperwork and filing them correctly.

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    I am just afraid that a judge would look at me and say ok if it creates problems at work then her dad will have her for school where he lives and you can see her on the weekends.

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    And that is exactly what you SHOULD be afraid of! If you refuse to compromise and meet dad 1/2 way and you don't have a compelling reason (such as a much higher ranked school) that makes a school nearer to you in your child's best interest... then yes - you are risking a lot!

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