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    i was charged with material misrepresentation while entering the us 9 years ago and was denied entrance to the us at that time. i signed a document on the airport describing my case saying that i would have a 5 year bar from re-entry. 9 years had passed since than and i went to the embassy for a tourist visa B1-B2 to finally be able to return and see family. I got denied my visa request saying that i am not eligable for us visa any longer. is that true even though i signed a document saying that i would be banned for five years? the consul said that under these circumstances i cannot enter but i should log on the homeland sec. website where there must be similar cases to mine and i can get advise there. can i ever reapply for a visa as a tourist? would i be eligable for a waiver if i married an alien who was lawfully granted residency? would that have to be approved by the Attorney General and if so what are the criteria or the chances?

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    From what you write, it appears that due to the nature of your fraud you are subject to a lifetime bar. We don't know what you did, so we can't analyze the consequences.

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    When you misrepresent yourself upon entering the United States yes you can be barred for life from ever entering the country again. Just because at the time they stated you couldn't enter for 5 years doesnt mean they will let you enter even after your 5 years is up. You could be eligable for a waiver but they are hard to come by and you have to prove sever hardships that you would endure if not allowed to stay in the country. If you get married and have to leave a loved one behind this is not considered a hardship. Misrepresenting yourself is very serious and considered fraud. It is also very hard to correct later on. You should probably contact a Lawyer to make sure you do everything correctly. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but keep postive and learn from your experience....maybe you can fix this

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